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Share, solve, and win with #AutomatedIt!

Welcome to #AutomatedIt! A new sweepstakes that brings the community together to get your workplace frustrations solved. Just share one of your efficiency-killers and we’ll give everyone—from the most experienced Power Automate user to the person who has never tried it before—the opportunity to find solutions and celebrate how the community #AutomatedIt.

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Announcing Variable support in UI flows

Announcing the availability of variables in UI flows. With this feature, users can add variables to perform multiple actions within your UI automation. You can use variables for data types such as integer, float, array, and string.

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Announcing support for Loops and Array inputs in UI flows

Announcing the availability of UI flow loops and array inputs. With this feature, we are providing the ability to add a loop to your UI automation as a post-recording activity. You will be able to pass an array object as input variable from an API flow to a UI flow, and then create a loop within UI flow script to perform repetitive action within your UI automation.

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